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Logic Analyzer

A Significant Price-Performance Breakthrough for Digital Debug

The affordable TLA6400 Series of logic analyzers offer the performance needed to debug, validate, and optimize the functionality of your digital system. The TLA6400 Series also provides a comprehensive set of signal integrity debug tools that allow you quickly isolate, identify, and characterize elusive and hard-to-find problems. Add a broad range of support for todays applications, and you have the ideal tool to help you meet all of the debug challenges of todays digital designs.
Features & Benefits
  • Performance and Ease of Use to Debug, Validate, and Optimize Digital Systems
    • 40 ps Resolution MagniVu Acquisition to Accurately See Signal Relationships in Your System
    • State Speed – Sample your fastest synchronous buses with clock rates up to 667 MHz and data rates up to 1333 Mb/s
    • 15 in. Display, with Optional Touch Screen to See More of Your Data and Navigate Efficiently through Your Data
    • 4 Models with 34/68/102/136 Channels and Up to 64 Mb Record Length offer Flexible Solutions to Fit Any Budget
    • Drag-and-Drop Triggering – Simply drag any one of eight different trigger types from a table onto the waveform and the TLA will automatically set up the trigger conditions. Eliminates errors, improves repeatability, and saves time
    • Drag-and-Drop Measurements – Simply drag an icon from the measurement toolbar and drop it on your signal of interest and get a table of results. Saves time, removes complexity, and reduces measurement uncertainty
  • Comprehensive Set of Signal Integrity Tools that Allow You to Quickly Isolate, Identify, and Debug Complex Signal Integrity Issues
    • Glitch Trigger and Storage – Allows you to trigger on and highlight potential signal integrity problems. Not only can the TLA6400 Series trigger on the problem, but by highlighting suspected problems in red, you will be able to easily determine which signals you need to investigate further
    • iCapture – Route the suspected signal to the analog output of the TLA6400 Series using the exclusive Tektronix iCapture feature. This eliminates the need to double-probe with an oscilloscope probe, reducing time to debug
    • iView – Time-correlated view of both logic analyzer and oscilloscope data to trace the SI problem across the digital and analog domain 
  • Digital Hardware Validation and Debug
  • Monitoring, Measurement, and Optimization of Digital Hardware Performance
  • Embedded Software Integration, Debug, and Verification
Quick Selector Guide
Model Channels Max State Clock Rate Timing Timing Resolution
TLA6401 34 667 MHz 25 GHz 40 ps
TLA6402 68 667 MHz 25 GHz 40 ps
TLA6403 102 667 MHz 25 GHz 40 ps
TLA6404 136 667 MHz 25 GHz 40 ps