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Spectrum Analyzer


Fast and Versatile Solution for Field Interference Hunting

Discover, capture and analyze elusive events in the field faster than ever before with the SPECMON Spectrum Analyzer.  With the patented swept DPX technology, advanced triggering, and wide capture bandwidth, SPECMON can discover and capture events as short as 3.7 µs with 100% probability of intercept, helping you to find interferers fast.

Built-in features further simplify spectrum management applications including the time-saving mapping, interferer locator, signal demodulation and automated field measurements, all at a cost below other solutions on the market. Fast and versatile interference hunting - only from Tektronix. 
Features & Benefits
SPECMON Series 3.0 and 6.2 GHz Real-time Spectrum Analyzers
  • Leading real time technologies help to troubleshoot the toughest transient interferences in the field
    • Unique Swept DPX enables the customer to Real-Time Scan the whole 3/6.2 GHz frequency range for transient interference discovery (Opt. 200)
    • Up to 110 MHz ultra-wide real-time BW for close-in signal discovery, capture and real-time demodulation
    • Unmatched ability to discover and capture signals with as short as 3.7us duration with 100% Probability of Intercept (POI) (Opt. 200)
    • Exceptional DPX Density Trigger/Trigger on This (Opt. 200), Frequency Mask Trigger (Opt. 52) and other advanced triggering capabilities provide 100% probability of intercept for signals as short as 3.7 μs in the frequency domain and 12 ns in the time domain
    • Save hours of post-capture review time with optional advanced triggering capabilities such as Save-on-Trigger, which intelligently saves events of interest automatically
  • Integrated solution design reduces total cost of ownership with lower initial purchase cost and annual maintenance cost
    • Both manual and automatic drive test are supported by built-in mapping software. Commercial off-the-shelf 3rd party GPS receiver supported via USB or Bluetooth connection
    • Field pulse analysis (for example, airport radar) is easier than ever with automated Pulse Analysis suite
    • Save up to 12 years of gap-free DPX Spectrogram/Real-Time Waterfall Traces (Opt. 53) or up to 7 seconds of IQ data at full 110 MHz BW (Opt. 110) with extra-large real-time memory, eliminating the need for an external data recorder in many cases
    • Full 110 MHz bandwidth real-time IQ data can be streamed to external, data recording devices (Opt. 55) for comprehensive post analysis
    • Instrumentation needs for frequency-domain, modulation-domain and time-domain analysis are simplified by native 3-in-1 multiple-domain correlation and analysis capability
    • Modulation analysis for 20+ general purpose analog and digital signal types, including AM/FM demodulation and flexible OFDM signal analysis
    • Built-in versatile field measurement items including Field Strength, Signal Strength, EMI test, Channel Power, ACPR, OBW, and Spurious Search
    • Ruggedness and data security achieved with standard field-removable solid-state drive
  • Open data format improves asset utilization through compatibility with industry-standard products
    • Captured IQ data can be saved into Matlab, CSV or other formats for use with third-party software analysis tools
    • RSA MAP supports MapInfo format and scanned version maps, also supports exporting to popular Google Earth and MapInfo map format for post analysis
    • Open interface for integration into customer applications
  • Ease-of-use platform improves field-test efficiency and lowers system training cost
    • 10.4 inch ultra-bright touchscreen display
    • Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) with support to Microsoft language localization 
  • Spectrum Management – Reduce Time to Intercept and Identify Known and Unknown Signals
Quick Selector Guide
Model Capture Bandwidth Frequency Range Minimum Event Duration for 100% POI SFDR (typical)
SPECMON3 25 MHz, 40 MHz, 110 MHz 1 Hz - 3 GHz 3.7 μs 75 dBc
SPECMON6 25 MHz, 40 MHz, 110 MHz 1 Hz - 6.2 GHz 3.7 μs 75 dBc