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Coherent Lightwave Signal Analyzer

From the Leader in Performance Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

The OM4245 Coherent Optical Modulation Analyzer provides the ultimate flexibility in your system configuration by being tightly integrated with the DP070000SX Series 70 GHz real-time oscilloscopes and the DSA8300 Series 70 GHz equivalent-time oscilloscope.
The OM4245 uses coherent detection to acquire fiber signals carrying up to 80 GBaud, then analyzes both modulation and source properties using the power of optical industry tested DSP. It presents a rich library of results and graphical plots with the ease of use offered by a dedicated graphical user interface. Dynamic and feature-rich MATLAB integration provides the ultimate in analysis system customization and extensibility. 
Key Features
Unparalleled Flexibility
  • Coherent Lightwave Signal Analyzer Architecture Compatible with both Real-time and Equivalent-time Oscilloscopes*1
  • Complete Coherent Signal Analysis System for Polarization-multiplexed QPSK, Offset QPSK, QAM, Differential BPSK/QPSK, and Other Advanced Modulation Formats
  • Displays Constellation Diagrams, Phase Eye Diagrams, Q-factor, Q-plot, Spectral Plots, Poincaré Sphere, Signal vs. Time, Laser Phase Characteristics, BER, with Additional Plots and Analyses Available through the MATLAB Interface
  • Measures Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) of Arbitrary Order with Most Polarization Multiplexed Signals
Precise Optical Receiver
  • Precise Coherent Receiver Hardware provides Minimal Variation over Temperature and Time for a High Degree of Accuracy and High-stability, Polarization-diverse, Optical Field Detection
  • Highly Linear Photo Detection allows Operation at High Local Oscillator and Signal Power Levels to Eliminate Electrical Amplification
  • An Integrated Pair of ECDL Tunable Lasers for Use as a Local Oscillator and Another for Self-test. Both Lasers have Industry-best Linewidth and Tuning Range for Any Wavelength within the Band
  • Coherent Lightwave Signal Analyzer Software Tolerates >5 MHz Instantaneous Signal Laser Linewidth – Compatible with Standard Network Tunable Sources such as DBR and DFB Lasers
  • No Laser Phase or Frequency Locking Required
  • Smart Polarization Separation Follows Signal Polarization
User-defined Extensibility
  • User Access to Internal Functions with a Direct MATLAB*2 Interface
  • The OM4000 can be Controlled through Ethernet for Remote Access
  • Superior User Interface offers Comprehensive Visualization for Ease-of-Use Combined with the Power of MATLAB
  • Coherent Lightwave Signal Analyzer Software included with OM1106 and OM4000 Series Products
400G and 1Tb/s Superchannel Support
  • Multi-carrier software option allows user-definable superchannel setup
  • Superchannel configuration allows user to define number of channels, channel frequency, and channel modulation format
  • Test automation acquires complete measurements at each channel
  • Integtrated measurement results allow easy channel-to-channel comparisons
*1 Certain features may be available only when used with Tektronix oscilloscopes.
*2 MATLAB is a registered trademark of MathWorks.
Quick Selector Guide
Model Bandwidth
OM4245 45 GHz
OM4225 25 GHz