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C-V Sweeps

4200-SCS Software
4200-SCS software enables you to quickly configure linear or custom C-V, C-f and C-t sweeps with up to 4096 data points. Built-in parameter extraction examples, test libraries and sample programs allow you to understand device behavior quickly.
SMU Modules
SMUs are precision instruments which are used for sourcing current or voltage and simultaneously measuring current and voltage with high accuracy and speed.
Two SMU models are available for use with the 4200-SCS, the 4200-SMU medium power SMU or 4210-SMU high power SMU. Both models occupy only one instrument slot and up to a total of nine can be installed in the 4200-SCS.
Offering the industryâs widest dynamic range, the medium power 4200-SMU operates from 100 nA to 100 mA and 1 uV to 210 V and the high power 4210-SMU operates up to 1 A. The low current measurement capabilities of either SMU can be extended to 0.1 fA resolution by adding an optional preamplifier.
C-V Module
The 4200-SCS can be configured to support multi-frequency (1 kHz to 10 MHz) C-V, Very Low Frequency (10 mHz – 10 Hz) C-V, and Quasi-static C-V measurements.
The 4210-CVU multi-frequency C-V module occupies one slot in the 4200-SCS chassis and provides C-V, C-t, and C-f measurement sweeps with up to 4096 data points. Built-in compensation routines remove parasitic effects and ensures the integrity of connections to the DUT. An optional power package allows a DC voltage bias of up to +/- 200 V.
The Very Low Frequency C-V method takes advantage of the low current measurement capability of the 4200-SCS Source Measure units (SMUs) to perform C-V measurements. The Very Low Frequency C-V technique makes it possible to measure very small capacitances at a precise low test frequency. This patent-pending, narrow-band sinusoidal technique allows for low frequency C-V measurements of very high impedance devices, up to >1E15 ohms.
Quasi-static C-V employs a DC measurement technique using two 4200-SCS Source Measure Units (SMUs) with two 4200-PA preamplifiers. The SMUs are used to source a current to charge the capacitor, and then to measure the voltage, time and discharge current. The 4200-SCS software includes test programs and formulas to extract common C-V parameters.
Preamplifier Unit
The low current measurement capabilities of any SMU can be extended to 0.1 fA by adding an optional preamplifier. The 4200-PA can be mounted on the back of the 4200-SCS or in a remote location such as the prober platen or light-tight enclosure to eliminate problems due to long cables.
Switch Matrix
The six slot Model 707B and the single slot 708B semiconductor switch matrix mainframes gives you the ability to control up to 2,880 channels or matrix crosspoints in real time, making these systems ideal for applications like semiconductor device characterization, wafer level reliability, parallel testing, and modeling. The large matrix capacity (576 and 96 channels) of the mainframes can be increased by connecting up to five mainframes in a master/slave configuration that can be controlled from a single GPIB address.
Probe Station
The 4200-SCS can control external equipment such as an automated or semi-automated probe stations, temperature controllers etc. Probe drivers are supplied with the 4200-SCS for select Cascade Microtech, Suss, MicroManipulator and Signatone probe stations.
Device Under Test (DUT)
The 4200-SCS is capable of testing many devices or materials:
  • MOSCAP & MOSFET structures
  • BJTs & JFETs
  • III-V compound devices
  • Photovoltaic cells
  • MEMs devices
  • Organic TFT displays
  • Carbon nanotubes