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Parametric Curve Tracer Configurations High Power Device Characterization

Developing and using MOSFETS, IGBTs, diodes and other high power devices requires comprehensive device-level characterization such as breakdown voltage, on-state current and capacitance measurements. Keithley's line of high power Parametric Curve Tracer configurations supports the full spectrum of device types and test parameters. Keithley's Parametric Curve Tracer configurations include everything necessary for the characterization engineer to develop a complete test system quickly. ACS Basic Edition software provides complete device characterization, including both real-time trace mode for quickly checking fundamental device parameters like breakdown voltage and full parametric mode for extracting precise device parameters. ACS Basic Edition goes beyond traditional curve tracer interfaces by offering a broad array of sample libraries. More important, users have complete control of all test resources, allowing the creation of more advanced tests than previously possible on a curve tracer.
 Complete solutions engineered for optimum price and performance
 Field upgradable and reconfigurable � convert your PCT to a reliability or wafer sort tester
 Configurable power levels:
        From 200V to 3kV
        From 1A to 100A
 Wide dynamic range:
        From µV to 3kV
        From fA to 100A
 Full range of capacitance-voltage (C-V) capability:
        fF to µF
        Supports 2-, 3-, and 4-terminal devices
        Up to 3kV DC bias
High performance test fixture supports a range of package types
 Probe station interface supports most probe types including HV triax, SHV coax, standard triax, and others
Quick Selector Guide
 Model  Information
 2600-PCT-1B  Low Power
 2600-PCT-1B  High Current
 2600-PCT-1B  High Voltage
 2600-PCT-1B  High Voltage and High Current