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Integrated Test Systems

S500 Integrated Test Systems are highly configurable, instrument-based systems for semiconductor characterization at the device, wafer, or cassette level. Built on our proven instrumentation, S500 Integrated Test Systems provide innovative measurement features and system flexibility, scalable to your needs. The unique measurement capability, combined with the powerful and flexible Automated Characterization Suite (ACS) software, provides a comprehensive range of applications and features not offered on other comparable systems on the market. Specific capabilities and system configurations include:
Full-range source measurement unit (SMU) instrument specifications, including subfemtoamp measurement, ensure a wide range of measurements on almost any device.
Pulse generation and ultra-fast I-V for memory characterization, charge pumping, singlepulse PIV (charge trap analysis), and PIV sweeps (self-heating avoidance).
Low or high channel-count systems, including parallel test, with Keithley's system-enabling and scalable SMU instruments.
High voltage, current, and power source-measure instrumentation for testing devices such as power MOSFETs and display drivers.
Switching, probe cards, and cabling take the system all the way to your DUT.
 Highly configurable, instrument-based system
 Ideal for SMU-per-pin wafer level reliability (WLR) testing, high speed parallel test, die sorting and binning, NBTI, process control monitoring (PCM)
 Intuitive test setup, data gathering and analysis with ACS software
 Keithley's TSP-Link Technology backplane provides high speed measurement throughput
 Flexible solution to meet emerging and mature testing needs
 Full control of automated and semi-automated probers
 Develop and execute tests at the device, site, wafer, and cassette level
Quick Selector Guide
 Key System  Components  Information
 4200-SCS Lab-grade parameter analyzer characterizes devices using unique instrumentation modules such as sub-femtoamp SMU instruments, capacitance voltage units, pulse generators, and ultra-fast I-V units
 2600B Series SourceMeter SMU Instruments offering a wide dynamic range of 1fA to 10A and 1µV to 200V, combines into a high channelcount system via the Keithley TSP-Link interface
 707B High speed switch matrix integrates seamlessly with Series 2600B System SourceMeter SMU Instruments via the Keithley TSP-Link interface for a complete multipoint test solution
 2410 High Voltage 20W SourceMeter Unit sources up to 1100V, 1A
 2651A High Power System SourceMeter SMU Instrument offers 2000W pulsed power, 200W DC power, and up to 50A @ 40V with pA and µV resolution
 ACS Software Intuitive test setup, data gathering and analysis for parametric characterization from single die to full cassette