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4200-BTI-A Model

4200-BTI-A Ultra-Fast NBTI/PBTI Package for the Model 4200-SCS

The Model 4200-BTI-A Ultra-Fast BTI Package combines all the hardware and software needed for a broad range of ultra-fast BTI test applications, as well as general characterization and lab automation tasks.
  • Best-in-class test speed allows faster, more complete device characterization
    • Begin measuring BTI degradation as soon as 30ns after stress is removed
    • Measure transistor VT in less than 1µs using ID–VG sweep method
  • Model 4225-RPM Remote Amplifier/Switch
    • Switches automatically between low-level precision DC I-V (via standard SMUs) and ultra-fast I-V measurements with no need for re-cabling
    • Improves single-pulse source and measurement performance by minimizing cable parasitic effects and increasing low current sensitivity
  • Best high-speed, low-current measurement sensitivity available in a single-box integrated solution
    • Supports sub-microsecond pulse characterization of drain current at reduced drain voltage, minimizing drain-to- source fields that could otherwise skew test results
    • Ensures the source/measure instrumentation won't be the limiting factor when making low-level measurements
    • Detects degradation trends sooner during the test, reduces the time needed to perform process reliability monitoring
  • Simple, predictable interconnect scheme prevents measurement problems due to incorrect DUT connections
Model Information
4200-BTI-A Ultra-Fast BTI Package for the Model 4200-SCS
one Model 4225-PMU Ultrafast I-V Module,
two Model 4225-RPM Remote Amplifier/Switches,
Ultra-Fast BTI Test Project Module,
one copy of the Automated Characterization Suite (ACS) Software)