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 Wafer Level Reliability Option to ACS

Keithley has taken the power of its Automated Characterization Suite (ACS) software and focused it on wafer level reliability (WLR) testing. ACS-2600-RTM is an option to ACS that leverages the measurement speed and system integration capabilities of Keithley's Series 2600B System SourceMeter® SMU instruments. The result–you can produce lifetime predictions from two to five times faster than you can with conventional WLR test solutions, allowing you to accelerate your technology development, process integration, and process monitoring for faster time to market.
Leverages unique strengths of Keithley Series 2600B System SourceMeter® SMU instruments including system scalability and measurement speed.
  • System configurations from 2 to 44 channels
  • Comprehensive JEDEC-compliant test suite
  • Optimized for both emerging and mature technologies
  • Supports both sequential and parallel testing
  • Fully automatic single-site and multi-site capability
  • Compatible with all popular wafer probe stations
  • Real-time plotting and wafer mapping
Quick Selector Guide
Model Information
ACS-2600-RTM Wafer Level Reliability Option to ACS