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System 25

Laser Diode LIV Test System Kit

Keithley's LIV (light-current-voltage) Test System Kit is designed to help manufacturers of laser diode modules (LDMs) keep pace with production demands by allowing them to boost yield and throughput. The LIV test system combines all the DC measurement capabilities required to test these modules with optical power measurement and tight temperature control over the device under test in an integrated instrument package. The LIV test system is configured from proven Keithley instrumentation; the basic configuration can be easily modified to add new measurement functions or to allow for new connections.
Key Features
  • Programmable LIV test system for laser diode modules
  • Sweep and measure 400 points in <8s
  • Very low noise current source (50μA) for laser diode drive
  • Up to 5A laser diode drive current
  • Measures optical power directly
  • 1fA resolution for dark current measurements
  • Fully digital P-I-D loop for temperature control
  • ±0.005°C temperature stability, ±0.001°C setpoint resolution
  • Trigger Link, source memory, and buffer memory support automatic test sequencing, which greatly reduces GPIB bus traffic to improve test throughput
  • Expandable and flexible for future requirements