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Sentry Verify


Scalable and Comprehensive QoS Video Network Monitoring Solution

Sentry Verify is a comprehensive 1Gb or 10Gb digital video monitoring solution that validates MPEG transport stream integrity and reports errors induced during video-over-IP transport. A historical database assists with troubleshooting and trending analyses and Sentry Verify also provides a multiple alert-trigger capture capability to quickly identify and visualize issues as they arise. Sentry Verify is specially designed for operational staff and is a cost-effective solution for large-scale deployments to hub sites and other remote locations. It provides necessary, accurate, and timely information to assist in the identification of faults within the IP network and has been integrated with industry-leading management solutions to accelerate troubleshooting and root-cause analysis.

Sentry Verify is part of the S2E (Source-to-Edge) monitoring solution, which provides the most comprehensive 24/7 real-time monitoring system with a 60-day historical database, executive reports, and trending analysis capabilities. It can be easily integrated with Medius to provide a seamless monitoring package.

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Key Features
  • Detect MPEG and IP Issues
  • Historical Reporting and Graphing
  • Live Thumbnails and Thumbnail Wall
  • User Triggered and Alert Triggered Stream Captures
  • Stream to View
  • Real-time Detection and Alerting
  • Transport Stream Bandwidth Graphing
  • Program Group Bandwidth Graphing
  • Error Second and Program Availability Reporting
  • Monitor Input to Hub Sites to Detect Issues during Transport
  • IP Video Network Impairment Analysis
  • QoS Monitoring
  • Digital Program Insertion
  • 10 GbE Network Monitoring
  • EBIF Monitoring
  • Program Statistics and Availability Reporting