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The new TBS2000B Digital Storage Oscilloscope is great at performing an oscilloscope's most important jobs - looking at and measuring signals. See more with its bigger 9-inch display with 15 horizontal divisions for more time per screen and 5M record length to capture long time windows. Measure more with handy cursors and powerful 32 automatic measurements. Share more with Wi-fi connectivity and 100-BaseT Ethernet port. This affordable scope delivers the performance you need.


Embedded Design
The TBS2000B oscilloscope provides the embedded design engineer with a large 9-inch screen that shows 50% more horizontal signal with 15 divisions.
- Easily pan and zoom through long records with front-panel waveform navigation controls
- 32 automatic measurements enable you to measure the most commonly needed parameters
- Built in FFT for quick frequency domain analysis
Power Measurements
The TBS2000B offers flexible probing solutions, so you can measure a wider range of signals without the need for a separate power supp

  •             - Passive Probes
    • - Current Probes
    • - Differential Probes
    • - High Voltage Probes
  • - Probes automatically communicate scale factors to the oscilloscope
  • - Active probes are powered by the oscilloscope. No external power needed
  • Education

    The TBS2000B Oscilloscope offers new features that enable educators to devote more time to teaching engineering concepts and less time on lab setup and management.

  • Built-in Courseware Lab Viewer
  • TekSmartLab Teaching Assistant Applications Software
  • Ability to independently disable AutoSet, Cursors and Measurements
  • Five-year warranty as standard
  • Kensington lock
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